Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness week is supported by the Alzheimer’s Society and took place between 14th and 20th May 2017, during this week it is hoped that everyone will stand together and unite against Dementia.

Sandy Banks Care Home, Leyland specialises in the care delivery of those with Dementia and as such the staff made it their priority to promote the importance of identifying the early signs of Dementia and encouraged people to contact the help and support that is available via the Alzheimer’s Society.

The home was decorated with Dementia Awareness posters and information leaflets in a bid to change individual perceptions of Dementia and ensure there is an awareness of the support available in the community.

Ian Randles, Director of Nursing Services says:

“Staff within Sandy Banks are extremely passionate about improving the lives of those living with Dementia, they want to pass on their knowledge to friends and family to help support the daily living of the residents at the home. Please do not hesitate to speak to the staff team if you would like any further information.”